Photo Class: Taking Better Photos, Workshop parts 1 & 2. Sep./Oct. 2011

Workshop Dates: Saturday 9/17/11 & 10/15/11 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Prepare to capture beautiful Fall photographs!
I get a lot of inquiries of how to take better photos with a camera.

Workshop 1: Since photography is all about light and exposure, a focus on how to control your camera to capture images the way you see them in your minds’ eye is the goal of Workshop 1. We will cover exposure metering with your camera and understand how it is metering what you see, as well as how to control the exposure of the image you capture. We will explore how you can adjust the settings of your camera to better capture what your mind’s eye sees.

Workshop 2: In the second workshop of this series, we will go deeper into more complicated lighting situations and build on the concepts and tricks presented in the first workshop. We will experiment with adding additional lighting to a scene including on camera flash, studio lights, and reflectors. This workshop will be even more hands on than the first and there will be opportunities to get answers to questions you have after experimenting with what you learned in the first workshop.

Regardless of what camera you are using, as a photographer, engineer and expert in remote sensing, I will guide you through the steps and tricks that will improve the quality of your photographs.

These 2 hour workshops are a hands on type of workshop, so bring your own camera and any questions you might have written down. The workshop will be part discussion, part shooting, part review of results, and conclude with a review of highlights and tips.

Although not required, a digital camera is recommended so you can see immediate results. So bring your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera and be sure your batteries are charged and bring extra batteries.

If you would like to submit questions before we meet, please email me indicating which dates you will be attending.

I look forward to seeing you at East End Studio & Gallery in Marshall, Michigan. See this link for address and more information as well as to sign-up for the class.

Cost: $60 for both workshops 1 & 2.

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