About Victor

As a photographer, my passion for travel and experiencing different cultures worldwide combines with an appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. This evokes images with a journalistic style that portray a sense of being present at that moment in time. I truly love to photograph landscapes and nature, as can be experienced in my book “Life in Hell: Nature’s Beauty” (link to book), in my prints, and note cards. I discovered my life long love for travel during my first adventure driving across Mexico, and the journey contTranquility ~ Hell, Michigan

Tranquility ~ Hell, Michigan

inues to this day. When not out exploring the natural setting of distant places, I can usually be found creating images that capture the essence and beauty of people, architecture, and events.

Creating photographs that tell a story is my life’s passion. Each image is personal to me – representing a specific moment in my creative life, reflecting a lifetime of exploration. I sincerely hope my photographs bring as much enjoyment to you as they bring to me when I create them.

For an in-depth look at my life and adventures, download my bio.